Oxygen Receiver tank

Oxygen Receiver tank

The oxygen receivers (also oxygen tanks) are used to store oxygen in the liquid aggregate state at a pressure of up to 16.0 MPa. In addition, they are able to smooth flow ripples in the compressor lines and maintain a stable pressure regardless of the flow rate.

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Oxygen Receiver Use

Oxygen receivers are used in various industries – oil and gas, chemical (for burning mechanism and synthesis), metallurgical (for stealing the steel, melting it), in the production of mineral fertilizers, and in production lines (for example, oxygen generators).

What does an air receiver tank do?

The receiver tank acts as a reservoir of compressed air for peak demands. The receiver tank will help remove water from the system by allowing the air a chance to cool. The receiver tank minimizes pulsation in the system caused by a reciprocating compressor or a cyclic process downstream.